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Because, sometimes, bitter rivalries can brew something sweet

Welcome to the official Café Con Lychee Preorder Campaign page! Below you'll find the rules of the competition and where to submit your receipts to unlock cool prizes. Remember, the deadline for all submissions is Saturday, May 14th 2022 at 11:59pm PT so make sure to get your receipts in by then, and good luck!

How it Works

Because Café Con Lychee is all about two rival cafés, it only seemed fair to add some rivalry to this preorder campaign. If your preorder goodies should be shipped to a United States-based address, you're on Team Mori. If your preorder goodies should be shipped internationally (anywhere NOT inside the U.S.), you're on Team Moreno.

The more receipts your team submits (preorders of any kind or library requests), the more prizes your team will unlock. All prizes unlocked by your team will ship to every person on your team. However, prizes unlocked by the other team won't be shipped to your team unless your team unlocks them too.

At the end of the competition, the team with the most receipts submitted will win the grand prize. Good luck!


  • Only one entry per receipt will be honored. Multiple people at the same address may enter separately, but each must have a unique purchase receipt or library request.

  • All receipts must be received by the posted deadline. Any receipts receipts submitted after the deadline will be void.

  • Only receipts submitted to the correct form will be honored. All U.S. entries must be received on the U.S. form (Team Mori), and all non-U.S. receipts must be received on the International form (Team Moreno).

  • All book formats (Hardcover, ebook, audiobook) are allowable for the purposes of entering the preorder campaign.

  • Entrants must have the legal ability to enter this campaign, provide their personal information, and receive the preorder incentives in the mail. Any entrants under age or unable to give consent must have consent from a guardian or other legal authority who can consent on their behalf.

  • Entrants acknowledge that inaccurately provided information may result in lost or otherwise undeliverable incentives. It is up to the entrant to ensure that all information is accurate.

  • The deadline to unlock rewards will be Tuesday, May 3rd 2022 at 11:59 P.T. after which point, receipts received will still count toward winning the grand prize and entrants will still receive rewards unlocked by their team to date, but no new rewards will be unlocked.

  • By submitting an entry form, you agree to all terms of this contest.

Ready to Enter?

You can enter by clicking your team graphic above to find your respective entry form or by following the links here:

Team Mori (U.S. Preorder Receipts) - 133 receipts

Team Moreno (International Preorder Receipts) - 69 receipts


Café Con Lychee Preorder Campaign Graphic.png

1. 25 receipts: One Signed Bookplate

Emery Lee Bookplate Design 1.jpg

3. After Credits Scene

2. 50 receipts: One Alt Cover Sticker

Café con Lychee Alt Cover Sticker.png

4. Theo Mori Character Card

CCL Theo Mori Character Card.jpg
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