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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read over these questions and answers before reaching out in case the answer is already included here. If you can't find an answer, please contact me through one of the channels specified on my contact page!

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I am a Blogger/BookTuber/Influencer and would love a free copy of your book to review. How can I get one of those?

I don't actually have review copies to give out and have no real control over who those go to, so if you're looking for an advance copy, you can always request one from NetGalley/Edelweiss. If you'd like to directly ask for a review copy, your best bet is to email my publicist directly. You'll find her contact information on my contact page.

I am an author with a book out in the next few years and would love to have you blurb it. Do you take blurb requests?

Hi! Hello! Thank you for thinking of me! I do accept blurb requests, but as I'm a busy author and a very slow reader, I'm very limited on how many books I can agree to blurb. If you'd like me to consider yours, please send the request in an email through my agent, Claire Draper (contact information on my contact page), and include a short description of the book, any trigger warnings, and a deadline. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

I host an event/do interviews for an outlet/etc. and would love to have you on for an interview, guest post, etc. Are you interested in opportunities like this?

Absolutely! The best way to get me these kinds of requests is to send them to my publicist (contact info on my contact page) and she'll get your request forwarded to me!

I loved your book and would love to tell you how much I loved your book! How can I do that?

Send me an email or tag me on social media! I'm always happy to hear from fans. All I ask is that you do NOT tag me in any sort of editorial critique of the book (this would've been better if the pacing were slower and the character turned left at the end of the street instead of...). It's not that I think you're wrong or even that I dislike critique, but rather that I already have a network of people in charge of editing my work, and I don't like getting outside feedback that steps on any of their toes. The book is final as is, and I think it's best for all of us that we leave it that way.

I'd like to get a tattoo of a line or other element from the book or art that you've drawn. Am I allowed to do that?

Sure! So, first, make sure that any art you're getting is art that I actually drew, because art by other artists may require other sorts of releases. Cover art on my books are not my original artwork! Second, please let me know that you're getting the tattoo (purely because I'd love to celebrate it with you), and I ask that if you're going to post the work online that you credit me as the creator. That's it!

What pronouns should I use when referring to you?

I use e/em/eir or he/him pronouns and you can feel free to use either! I tend to prefer e/em pronouns for official publications simply because neutral pronouns feel appropriate always, but neither is incorrect. I do ask that whichever set you use for a specific situation (an interview, an article, my bio on your website, etc.) that you use one set consistently, but feel free to alternate for different occasions!

What pronouns should I use for a character like Devin (MEET CUTE DIARY) who alternates pronouns throughout the book?

Spivak pronouns (e/em/eir) is the proper set for Devin. I always say to approach characters like you would approach people, so the last they tell you is what you should be using. At the end of the book, Devin uses e/em pronouns, so that's the right set for em. If a character mentions rotating pronouns or asks to be addressed by a certain set, that's the best way to proceed. In the case of Devin, e explores different pronouns and ultimately decides that all the previous sets didn't fit em properly, so using any of those for em is misgendering.

I'm editing an anthology and would love to have you in it. Do you write short fiction, and are you interested in doing anthologies?

Yes, absolutely! My availability for anthologies varies, but I'm always open to hearing pitches and determining if I'm a good fit. Please send any anthology requests to my agent, Claire Draper (contact information on my contact page), and they will make sure I'm aware of the request!

What happened to your Twitter account?

In August 2023, I deleted it including all of my tweets. If you see any tweets from an account that looks like me dated after that, they're either made up or posted by an imposter. You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr, but I am no longer on Twitter and have no intention of creating a new one. Thanks for understanding!

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